Glenn C December 18, at 7: Andreas, thank you for the driver! I remember having read somewhere else that there is a problem with passthrough not working if you have another SATA controller that also uses the ahci driver and is NOT configured for passthrough. It says that the VIB is skipped for some reason after executing the last line: Anonymous November 5, at I can upload the firmware if someone knows how to modify it so the card will work in AHCI mode. OK, now I’ve figured out how to build my own oem.

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Or what’s left of it: Thanks for all your help, SimonZ. I wouldn’t be here if it worked out of the box. Hi Andreas This one is in your list, but not recognized: Jarvell controller is supported out-of-the-box and should not need the sata-xahci package!?

Ethernet Adapters and Controllers – FastLinQ Performance NICs – ESXi Drivers – Marvell

After digging around Google and making no headway I decided to try and get the syntax correct. I will then ask the author ichi to add that to the package. I feel like the install would detect that there’s esx ESXI installed somewhere and then ask if I want to update it. Hi Andreas, I can’t see mine controller listed. The spam filter can get a bit ahead of itself.


Hi OJ, sorry, no. I wanted to say thank you and you’re doing a great service to the VMware community making ESX accessible on a wide range of hardware.

It says that the VIB is skipped for some reason marveol executing the last line: Milan Leposavic January 3, at I see you added support for a similar controller narvell Andreas Peetz November 23, at 6: The driver seems to be included correctly into the image logs show that the controller is availablebut the system has problems to detect the attached device.

Thanks and Regards, Szabolcs Illes. Although the problem is solved I am curious on how ESXi works.

If the command lspci -v grep “Class ” -B 1 lists your controller with a name like vmhba0 or vmhba1 etc. Hello Andreas Thanks for your reply.

Can you please add it for you next update Thanks Glenn. Is there a way to change their configuration so that they show up as Class ? Hi Andreas, Thank you for your help and suggestion.


dsxi Hi Andreas, I had been using esxi v5. Anonymous November 20, at 5: The host controller is Is passthrough working with other devices? Andreas, thank you for the driver!

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Similarly, if you found yourself left out in the cold as far as getting your motherboard’s Realtek NICs working, you also likely found:. Are you sure that your disks are attached to this controller and not to another one? Anonymous December 5, at 2: On which front should this be fixed?

SATA controller Mass storage controller: Todd November 9, at 2: OK, now I’ve figured out how to build my own oem.

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