For example, your choices in North America are: If the cutter cannot use the tape installed in your printer, the Cut out option on the Insert Object screen will be grayed out. Loss of communication window Displays if communication between the attached printer and PC is lost. You can leave this field blank and instead enter the Ending value for labels you want to produce, and the system automatically calculates the Total number for you. In the Horizontal x field: At this point, the system operates with these defaults:

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Responding to graphics prompts Figure shows a graphics prompt. You can save labels as files in folders to this external memory, then open them and edit or print them, and globalmaro them again.

Brady Globalmark 2 – Colour & Cut, DISCONTINUED, replaced by the BBP37

To save a label as a file in internal memory 1. Margins vary according to the size of the tape supply. Finally, a multifunction inkjet printer with low-cost ink refills Finally, a multifunction inkjet printer with low-cost ink refills by Justin Yu.

Saving Labels As Files Saving Labels as Files Every time you create a Custom label or a pre-designed template label, you have the option to save it as a file and to put it in a file group, so you can access it later. When The Printer Truncates Labels When the printer truncates labels Figure is an example of a label with an object placed beyond the label length acceptable to the installed ribbon, where the printer will truncate the label when you print it: Inserting the tape cartridge Figure Labelmaker – thermal transfer – color.


Alphabetic And Command Keys Alphabetic and command keys The standard key section of the PC keyboard provided with your printing system has both alphabetic character keys and command keys.

Hold the stylus holder as shown here Globalamrk B-3 to make the adjustment. On the Enter Text screen, position the cursor where you want to insert a special character.

Brady GlobalMark 2 Color & Cut Industrial Label Maker

How to adjust the depth of the cuts on your labels. The Object Color screen differs according to your system and the ribbon you have installed. To save the name you typed, choose OK 5.

Increase Size tool Selected object Selection markers Figure Match tape Check to set the label size to the maximum that can width be printed on the currently installed tape. The instructions in this appendix tell you: Language Sets the language the glogalmark uses for the screens, prompts, and messages.

You may find this useful at times when you want to override the color choice dictated by the template or indicated on the label. A graphics prompt screen.

Adding Labels To A Label Set Adding labels to a label set You create labels individually when you are making a set, but after the initial label, you use the Add Label function to create the next label. Cutting Around Label Frames Figure Globalmar, Cut out frame is enabled, the system ignores the Line width value.


This is a sample label with a rounded gkobalmark frame added: The System Setup Localization tab. The Powermark has now been replaced by globlmark superb new BBP85 printer. Total number Enter the total number of labels you want to produce in this field.

Changing label size and orientation Use the options on the Size tab, shown in Figureto change the size of a label and to set print orientation.: The blank label displayed reflects the size and color of the tape installed.

The Template Categories screen is very similar for most applications, but the list of categories varies:.

GlobalMark 2 User Guide – English – Brady Europe

The label orientation does not change when you insert a vertical text object. This chapter tells you how to change system settings.

Justification determines the horizontal alignment for a text object in your label. With Overprint enabled, the system arranges the order in which the colors on your label print so that black prints last and prints over any previously printed colors on objects that overlap. Editing Bar Codes Include check Check this box if you want to print a check character character on the label.

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