Page of 16 Go. If you are not sure the sign and the connecting of each sensors Sensor A, Sensor B, Sensor C or as the phases marking A, B, C , does not matter, with this controller in the “Automatic sensor settings” to order. If you will record a basic set of data Dxx or an alternate set i. How to connect the battery: Receiver or signal generator Controller HBC- series 3.

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COMPRO U – START UP GUIDE – Installation guide, Manual, User manual

Change of content of selected memory bank i. Driving speed is reduced.

The rear direction indicators are the same clmpro durable LED units. If they are not working, please make sure to check the connections and fuse first.

The temperature sensor may not be connected to external pull-up resistors. Speed is entered directly numerically in baud rate, I. Next occasion for higher frequency select for example 24 kHz can be audible whistling of some motors under runs.

Intensity of braking comro this situation is set in next parameter P More weight means more power from the batteries. The controller will slowly cool down. This setting is remembered up to next start of this procedure. To engage the lock, turn the handlebars all the way to the right, then turn the key all the way to the left counter clock wise.


It is a condition where the motor is almost or totally stopped and speed of the motor controller vompro evaluated as “stopped” – and can therefore go in the opposite direction to the rotation. Of course, optimal behaviors of the controller and your system you achieve only by correct optimize settings and tuning corresponding parameters.

Compro U/U VideoMate Action Driver Download

Linear relationship between driving signal and constant motor rpm by driving signal. Graph can be zoomed, and select part and magnified, magnified graph can move, save to a file in xls format, which is currently stored and parameter settings. Rolled up cords can generate heat.

Also bring a higher voltage than the nominal i. Warranty for purchases made outside the EU is inline with the respective legal regulations.


The battery should give at least 11Volt. Double-click on the speaker icon in the system tray. Cable 34 modification for telemetry: Similarly, the voltage less than 0. Small charging current 1 3 now connect the power wires sparking will not occur. Receiver or signal generator Controller HBC- series compr.

Compro videomate Action

For questions or inquiries, please contact directly the MGM compro. How to connect the positive leg or wire shown here without insulation: The main contactor did not The main contactor did Check pins on contactors or close.


Custom settings reconciliation between the control signal and controller settings can be done in the following ways. Check the state of charge and if possible the Ub or system voltage. Communicate any leakage to your local service provider immidiately.

Shielding must not be connected to ground GND, chassis anywhere else than on the sensor connector of controller!!! When contacting Compro for technical support, please use the Compro support request form and provide as much of the requested information as possible. This will not only prevent possible overheating of the controller, but you will also gain higher efficiency of the drive unit cooler controller has lower losses than warm one.

Remove the brake caliber and loosen the bolt of the front axle. Car motor may run only forward — when move throttle stick rearward from neutral positiononly brake is activate — car motor never run backward.

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