American amplifiers tend to use lower output impedances in a quest for more power, while many Japanese designs tend to use higher impedances for lower distortion. Below is an excerpt from the 6sn7 datasheet. Suggestions are most welcome. Of course, I would have to graph the operating point in triode mode to see how the distortion looks, but if the idea appeals to you, install it. My Marshall have a switch, it’s loss all the Ooops switching to triode mode.

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Thanks for all the input. Vacuum tubes are an increasingly popular trend in underground DIY audio. We need this resistor to drop I don’t think you will notice any sound difference and troode valve will be a lot happier and last longer.

6v6 single ended amp in triode? – Talkin’ Tubes – The Klipsch Audio Community

Lower distortion is to the left, higher output power is toward the top. Mix one with the other and you can quickly become dead. The hard way is to find a copy of the curve chart for the tube in question and use that to determine the operating point you want.

There has to be a better way. If the grid ttiode is increased to 0V, the plate voltage will be V triide the plate current will be 68mA.

6V6 Single-Ended (SE) Ultra Linear (UL) Bias Optimization

Lower volume and clarity greatly improves listening as dynamics are expanded subjectively per the Fletcher-Munson equal loudness curves. Here are the plots.


I used the cheapest paper in oil capacitors I triose find for the coupling capacitor in this amp. The filament just heats up the tube to get the electrons to an energy state where they are comfortable flying around inside the tube. Triodw second option is to build the amplifier on a simple aluminum plate and then attach that plate to a wooden base. Pin 6 is connected to pin 3 with a new wire.

The sweet spot is at about 1 o’clock, and I thought that by going triode I could still be at the sweet spot where it juuust starts to break up. The importance of such a plot is that in most instances, the design process comes down to performing trade offs between lowering distortion and raising power. We will use the 6v6 in triode mode and basically just pretend from here on out that it is a triode.

That sent me back down the valve amplifier road.

It’s normal for the tubes to glow blue, triodf that’s not a problem. The amp produces about 15 watts per channel triode connected. Oh, and we’re not Peter, Paul and Mary. In the determination of performance at each point, the peak drive voltage was set equal to smaller of either the bias voltage or the cutoff voltage.

Acoustic properties change for the worse. Marty has had this Jaguar for many many years. Furthermore, as SET triofe have a relatively high output impedance, it is hard to couple them effectively to a loudspeaker which hasn’t been designed especially to be driven by triove high output impedance amplifier, as this will cause the amplifier to be much more sensitive to the loudspeaker’s impedance characteristics across the spectrum, resulting in coloration.


If we had a perfectly linear tube, the length of the load line above the quiescent point would be equal to the length of the load line below that point.

A Vacuum Tube Hi Fi Primer – boozhoundlabs

I am not going to tell you how to be safe! Nothing about connecting an amp in triode should induce hum unless the tubes are over dissipating. That damn Jaguar ran like that, with one piston significantly larger and heavier than the rest, for something like 40, miles. Originally Posted by Chuck H. I’d love to hear your take. But what this data shows is that, except at very high plate voltages, the tube peak performance points are all below the 12W limit.

This article needs additional citations for verification.

Have fun and be safe:

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