Pulseaudio is a whole other topic. March 5th, 3. My m-audio Axiom gives me this as well come out as You are right on base going to the command line aseqmidi to debug it. Join Date Apr Beans Hidden!

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It’s just a serial stream of control instructions complete separate from the audio. Of course you can replace nano with your favorite editor. Usually the Windows drivers will load the firmware in to the device and runs a mkdiman on it, from which point Windows will then detect it as a Transit audio device and load the appropiate drivers. I tend to go to the alsa speaker-test command line tool with -c2 -twav as a basic starting point for audio debugging.

For what it’s worth this is the script I cobbled together for my 2×2. Curses on auto word wrap!

How to get Midiman USB midisport 4×4 working?

Or, you can install the firmware by running this command in a linnux Like in one of the browser based java games I play, without pulse I only get the musak track and none of the sound effects. You should see on the monitor same note info as from aseqdump, and the synth. Folderol wrote If you do have a faulty firmware, I wonder if this might be the best route to take.


It’s strange for me you have: It’s just a nice thing to have working if you have extra resources and like to multi-task. What we’re doing How to do it. Is it different than for Breezy?

Suffice to say that you don’t need it for making music in linux. I have the midi uno which uses the same firmware. In fact, when you plug it up, lsusb lists it as the following:.

HOWTO: Setting up USB MidiSport

LinuxMusicians creating music freely Skip to content. Get your subscription here. Input from both A and B seems fine going on the light from the indicators. On Debian or Ubuntu, you have to install the midisport-firmware package.

You should now find that it shows up as this:. Once you find the proper line, remove thesave the file, and reload your apt sources:.

Repeat with a second device thought the first one might be DOA. So for example if you can’t get audio out, I’d suggest trying to take jack out of the picture and configure whatever audio producing App to use ALSA. QjackCtl here shows the midisport2x2, but today “lsusb” shows me this: On Fri, 16 Oct BTW are you sure that, with the current economic climate, you want the world to know you have a flashy 4×4!


My newer Axiom keyboard does not need or use the midisport firmware change. Normally I do not used a Hub but it works with one too, Of-course you need check the “merge.


Select all Linux 3. So you might have to do some trickery, or it might work out of the box. So you should launch the command line: My m-audio Axiom gives me this as well come out as Sorry, I’m starting to steal your thread here and ranting. ,inux

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