No one wants that. Current software for managing AAC arrays is available at Adaptec website: A daemon detecting status changes and reporting to syslog as SNMP traps is packaged as cpqarrayd. It means actually raid 0 over raid 1 that is RAID Copy the installer to your home directory by typing:. If not, please report a bug with workaround if known.

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Eventually we want to get the information about the mapping between linux devices and virtual drives raid devices. Write cache should be enabled ONLY if you have a battery pack on your controller.

This was not the case on at least one Dell PowerEdge machine.

Linux and Hardware RAID: an administrator’s summary

The Sun Fire Installation Package dialog box appears. However LSI provide megaclia proprietary management command line utility which is rather hard to use. Note – You can create a number of different types of file systems under Linux. Use regular readahead instead: Select the type of install that best suits your needs.

If not, please report a bug with workaround if known. If not, it won’t be used to avoid filling cache with randon useless data in case of randomly accessed sector. The MSM program enables you to configure the controllers, physical megaraif drives, and virtual disk meyaraid on your system.


Linux kernel drivers 3. Proprietary tools creates the device node at startup.

The driver is in the main kernel as of 2. Device name unknown PCI: All theses card can be used with stock Linux kernel which includes a working driver. The MSM GUI displays device status in the form of icons, which represent the controllers, virtual disk drives, and physical disk drives on your system.

Note – You can create a partition that is smaller than the maximum size of the device or create multiple partitions on the device.

Alternately, you can extract the contents of the windows. This file does not contain the RAID status. The Configuration Wizard in the MSM program simplifies the process of creating disk groups and virtual disk drives by guiding you through several simple steps to create your storage configurations. Also, afacli requires libraries that are no longer available in Debian distributions.

There is a GUI tool 3dm2 accessible via browser used for management and monitoring daemon that configures the RAID, monitors the disk status and megaraie mail on failure. See the fdisk man page for details. Yes hpsa Yes Yes Yes? If such information is easily available, monitoring tools can be written to detect and report failures. Management and reporting tools 3.


The packages comes with a python wrapper around megasasctl and an initscript that periodic run this wrapper to check status. BIOS upgrade from a Linux system. If lsk command has no input, mptctl is not inserted. We can see here Primary raid level 1 and secondary 0.


With this option, readahead will only be enabled if the controller receive several access to sequencial sectors. More details A blog post claim supermicro provide a tool to get the status out from the command line. Latest version seems linnux be provided as afaapps That device name refers to the RAID as a whole.

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