I don’t think we need to load a module. On Wed, 7 Jun , Jan Kandziora wrote: I pourchased the weather station parts from AAG, and had a problem with everything under linux recgonizing all of the chips in the weather station. Definition at line 92 of file ds Definition at line 89 of file ds

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Definition at line 68 of file ds Actually, I have some alternative timing settings suggested by William Robison that we could try.

Definition at line 86 of file ds Definition at line 34 of file ds Definition at line 96 of file ds I’m trying to set up 1-wire on my Ubuntu. Definition at line 52 of file ds We splitted it up it was a bit more complicated before but that did not improve matters. Ilnux at line 55 of file ds By default cron jobs sends a email to the user account executing the cronjob.


If 3, I really would like a way to autodetect and automatically adjust the timings.

Definition at line 82 of file ds Nowhere in the dmesg output am I seeing ” Definition at line 72 of file ds Usage is digitemp -a -q send host user password and this command is preferably replacing the crontab command d2s490 above.

Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: We need to have the values at specific locations so edit the.

howto:how_to_setup_digitemp [the VSCP & Friends Wiki]

In this case we execute the script as the root user select a user that suites you and we go to the folder where the. An alternative way is to use this python script! Definition at line 69 of file ds On Wed, 7 JunJan Kandziora wrote: Definition at line 93 of file ds How to modify the wiki. The instructions say to run lsusb to see your usb’s.

ds – USE flags – Gentoo Packages

The network is indeed a mixed topology, it consists of 2 Hubs, about m apart from each other and the master. Definition at line 45 of file ds Definition at line 51 of file ds Definition at line 87 of file ds Old time best 2.


Definition at line 53 of file ds Definition at line 60 of file ds You can show them on a dynamic web page or start a program when a reading comes in or just log the data in a database or any other thing you may think of. Definition at line 88 of file ds This is possible when the data is translated to the standardized version specified by VSCP.

In any case it doesn’t hurt to try and load the module and see if it works. The command to run it is:

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