Sets the mode of operation. Transmit Tx rate in bps. Sets max retry value from failure frames in software version 1. If the device is not connected, this command retrieves the range of frequencies in which the device can operate. Fixes the transmission rate of the AR

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Retrieves network device wireless information. Sets the frequency on which the wireless device should operate.

Retrieves the name of the network device. It is also available for older kernels through the stable compat-wireless releases.

Linux Kernel Driver DataBase: CONFIG_ATH6KL: Atheros mobile chipsets support

Defines the SSID length. It even documents how to send patches with git format-patch. Transmit Tx rate in dBm. Support Drivers Devices Download Documentation.

If you’d like to help keep this information up to date contact the ath6kl maintainers. Table of Contents Introduction.


Resources/HowTo/SamsungWlanInOrigen – Linaro Wiki

You should subscribe to this page so you can get e-mail updates on changes and news for ath6kl automatically. Sets the power of transmitted packets in AR Supported in software version 1. Defines the value of retry number.

Retrieves the SSID of the network.

Get the firmware from linux-firmware. Retrieves the frequency on which the wireless device is operating if the device is connected.

Retrieves the various wireless information related to the network device. Maximum number of retries. Windows boxen by default seem to block IRC ports so go find yourself a Linux box. You get better answers that way.

Retrieves the power of transmitted packet in the AR The value is a maximum. But due to lack of time, ath6kl developers are not normally able ath6ko give private support, so please send questions to the public mailing list.


End of the buffer for the scan data. Name of the wireless device. All the development happens on Kalle Valo’s ath.


You’ll get an e-mail as soon as this page gets updated. Retrieves max retry value from failure frames in software version 1. To clone the tree: Transmit Tx rate in bps.

Sets the frequency for the wireless device operate on.

Retrieves the mode of operation. Retrieves the maximum retry value from the failure frames. Sets the transmission rate of the ARx.

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