And thanks for the tips! My inch Airport Extreme powerbook is on its way. But what about the “wireless network name” I gave the network in the Airport setup utility? Soon my troubles will be over. If you’ve tried the card and in fact it doesn’t work, return it and buy a Sonnet or MacWireless card instead: I think I read somewhere that WEP passwords are dealt with differently on airport and other pc wireless devices.

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Buffalo Sonnet MacWireless All three of these cards are also times faster than an Airport linkwys for sharing files over a local network but not for surfing the internet.

If so, I apologize for providing a link to a card that may not work.

If you’ve tried the card and in fact it doesn’t work, return it and buy a Sonnet or MacWireless card instead: I’ve had two good experiences with Linksys products.

That said, what in the world were you thinking refering mac users to an adapter that isn’t mac linkys at all, from a company that doesn’t even make a mac-compatible adapter??

Links do sometimes go out of date, features change, and sometimes even cards that have the same model number will contain different chips or firmware that affect how the cards operate. And again I seek knowledge: Epc11 12″ PowerBook is on the way, but I wouldn’t count on it clearing up the problems I guess this gets into the realm of encryption that I know little about. You said Windows95 which I’m not sure about! Anyone have any insight?


She’s running Windows 98 which has better networking capability and may be why you’re having difficulty.

So linksyys this work, rather than my having to memorize the hex?

Linksys Mac OS X Compatible? | MacRumors Forums

I don’t agree that Airport is the way to go. You must log in or register to reply here. Linksys can go to that bad hot place – I will never buy anything from them again. It does not have any Mac software.

BUT my web browser is unable to connect to any sites. User profile for user: If you generate the password on the PC there will be a long hex key to enter on the Mac!

Where did you get the information from, and what made you think that it ,inksys work? Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

As does the box, which I am, on your advice, holding in my hand. Whether I mistakenly posted a link to the G card, or Buffalo’s web site redirected you from an older to a current card model, I’m not sure. What’s new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. It works only if I don’t have WEP set up on the base station.


Linksys Mac OS X Compatible?

My first is a 4port router and the second is the new wireless-G router. All replies Drop Down menu.

I suppose that’s because I’ve got bit encryption? Originally posted by larry Sounds similar to my problem.

I think Airport is the best way to go in this case. You’ll have to restart the PC every time you change a network setting.

– Linksys WPC11 information. Includes detailed pictures.

Your best bet if the PC doesn’t do the memorization is to paste the key into a text document on the desktop so you can copy and lunksys it into the PC connection. Jan 13, 8: That will give you the password to use on a PC.

Since you have a link light it sounds like it is connected.

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