In fact, all the controls can be configured to your taste by accessing the massive list of options in the device panel. More assignable buttons would have been better as well. Each Yamaha KX keyboard provides a dedicated DAW control section, over one-touch phrases for instant arpeggiation, and assignable synth control section with templates. Other highlights include a sampled version of Yamaha’s S90ES piano. I would suggest that you read the various reviews on the Internet to find out what buyers or people who’ve played this MIDI controller think of it. The main difference between these keyboards is the number of keys they come with and hence their weight.

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A switch underneath selects between the layers offering up to eight parameters per template and an LED denotes which set is currently in use.

Yamaha KX series review: yamaha kx25, kx49, kx61 and kx8 review

It weighs next to nothing. It’s important to note that there is no keyboard aftertouch, could put you off immediately. Since these keyboards are largely similar, I decided to take a look at all of them together. For all what these keyboards do, in my mind the prices are worth it. The KX8 comes with weighted keys. We used the supplied copy of Cubase AI in our tests. The nice little trick here yakaha that if you already have a template set up for the instrument in use, then the KX25 will automatically switch to it.


At 2 kilograms, it feels more like a light computer keyboard, not a synthesizer. Handy DAW controls on the unit.

Yamaha has designed the KX range of MIDI controllers to give Cubase users hands-on control of a number of important functions the company owns Steinberg now, remember. These are very solid keyboards with strong features at good prices.

As a workaround, we created extra templates for each instrument which gave us access to the extra controls we needed.

In yamana this should lead to a smoother workflow with fewer interruptions to the creative flow.


What this means is that if you decide that you like this MIDI controller, it’s all about deciding what size you really need. What tends to come next in the programming stage is a yamaga of knob tweaking, which brings us over to the left-hand side and the bank of four rotaries.

Are you looking for one that creates an efficient environment that supports production workflow? More assignable buttons would have been better as well.

To get the maximum benefits of Cubase integration, you also need to install an ‘extension set’. Image 1 of 2 The KX25’s angular design looks decidedly retro. These are organised by categories and there are several editable parameters including swing and gate times.

So, as if by magic, the right controls are at your fingertips and no time is wasted searching through the template banks.


Click here to learn how to play keyboards and piano with Piano For All. Here’s a good place to buy the KX series. Not ideal, but kd25 got the job done. The main difference between these keyboards is the number of keys they come with and gamaha their weight.

They weigh 2kg, 3kg, 4. Comments Have your say yamhaa what you just read! This bothers me as a keyboard ywmaha. Leave me a comment in the box below. So if you use Logic, Ableton Live, Reason or any other app, you won’t get the extra benefits. If you’re looking for a complete music production solution, this is it. With a range of drum, bass, guitar, keyboard and other musical phrases built in, you can’t go wrong.

But generally, the good far outweighs the bad. They come with an impressive software bundle that includes editor software, HALion One, Cubase AI, and thousands of dollars worth of sounds, top-name VST instruments, and rebate coupons and services.

What this adds up to is a cool starter pack for project studios and education centres.

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