Auto-Reliability monitoring is a process to insure the highest level of data reliability. If you continue to have errors, you may have a problem. This value is only valid if the Logical Drive Status is rebuilding 7 or expanding Active 5 A physical drive has failed. This is the IP address of the switch. Hello Markus, could you try run firmware update via SanSurfer?

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The Array Accelerator board stores mirror copies of all data. Hello Markus, could you try run firmware update via SanSurfer?

Recovery Failed Bad Read Error. You can update the firmware using the following applications: The bus index indicates to which SCSI bus instance on a tape controller this table entry belongs.

Physical Drive Current Width. The solution was the logical connectivity was not consistent for example c enclosure with HP proliants. If fbire notice an increase in the value shown for Hard Write Errors or Recovered Write Errors, a problem may exist with the drive.

This value represents the overall condition of the tape library. The value of this index is the same as the one used with the physical drive table.


Loop failure – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

This value matches the bay location where the physical drive has been installed. In either case, if you see an increase in these errors, run diagnostics to verify that a problem exists.

The logical drive is in the queue for expansion.

A description of a software module that provides an interface to the device this MIB describes. This value represents the overall condition of this controller, and any associated storage boxes. External Tape Drive Controller Index. This is the total number of read and write errors which could not be corrected. The redundant controller has insufficient cache battery power.


This is the location of the tape drive. The library may need to be replaced.

The hour, minute, and second field will be set to zero 0 if they are not relevant. If a failure is detected, the External Array Controller rebuilds the data using the data guard information plus information from the other drives.

If the drive is not failed, 0 is returned. You may need to update your software. The box on connector indicates to which box instance this physical drive belongs. If the spare status is active 6 or building 5then this has the physical drive bay number of the replaced drive.


fcinfo hba-port and luxadm probe not finding FC adapter

If the box connector cannot be determined, the agent will return a NULL string. This can be used for identification purposes.

If a drive fails, the data can be retrieved from the mirror drive. If you notice a rapid increase in the value shown for Seek Errors, this physical drive may be failing. Multi-flash Kit version 3. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search gca by suggesting possible matches as you type. The array controller is attempting to recharge the battery.

Tape Device Total Bytes. A failed format operation may cause the controller to mark a drive failed. As cars are tested to go from 0 mph to 60 mph in x number of seconds, drive manufacturers have preset expectations for the time it takes the drive to spin to full speed. Unfortunately, no I could not resolve the issue.

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