MaximumTransferLength – this field is set by the miniport to indicate the maximum number of bytes that our virtual adapter can transfer in a single operation. Thus, when designing our driver we must ensure that we have all the resources necessary to process a request in place before initiating the request. The function name is case-sensitive, so ensure that you are calling DbgPrint 2. As for what we do in this routine, it again depends upon the architecture of our miniport. Share your opinion with the community! The miniport approach was complicated due to locking issues , unsupported, hard to maintain, and mostly provided poor performance. Though I am not a expert in windows programming, please ensure the following.

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The NT Insider:Writing a Virtual Storport Miniport Driver

One thing that it does not provide is help in hardware management we’re implementing betwren virtual miniport remember! Bus enumeration is time-consuming and ties up the bus, so a miniport driver should not send this notification unnecessarily. Via a network, or some other mechanism? If on the other hand our devices are dynamic, then we’ll need to have a way to know when those dynamic devices have arrived or have departed, and notify Storport of those occurrences.

With Regardschandan. While this may sound daunting, remember that as a virtual miniport you have the full set of Kernel APIs and other drivers in the system to help you perform your work. I got same error. Some entry points are unnecessary such as HwFreeAdapterResources, since we have no resources, while other entry points are optional.


The driver performs the operation described in the SRB, puts the completion status into the SRB, and then notifies Storport when the request is completed. To find out which, you need to consult a reference guide or examine differnece existing Microsoft Disk, Tape, and Scsiporf class drivers the source code for these are contained within the WDK to figure out what needs to be handled. AdapterScansDown – for a virtual adapter the setting of this field does not matter.

Getting Started with Storport For those of you who have never worked with Storport before let’s go over some basics.

Master – setting this field to TRUE indicates that our miniport’s virtual adapter is a bus master device. MaximumNumberOfTargets – this field indicates the maximum number of devices that can be found on a bus. Thus, it’s important that we do not zero it. Define the interfaces ie srorport the MOF file Using scsiwmi. This structure exports the entry points that our miniport supports and provides some initialization data that Storport needs in order to understand our virtual adapter.

Need your help I am very new to windows device driver. The function name is case-sensitive, so ensure storporf you are calling DbgPrint 2.

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DriverEntry DriverEntry, as all driver writers know, is the routine that is called when a driver is first loaded we’ll ignore export drivers at this time. As with any other type of kernel driver, we need to be concerned about how we handle requests. How a resource becomes accessible to Storport is worthy of discussion.


Windows Forms in Visual Studio In addition, if the resource is accessed across the network or via some other remote mechanism, we must consider the possibility that we may lose access to our device.

MaximumTransferLength – this field is set by the miniport to indicate the maximum number of bytes that our virtual adapter can transfer in a single operation. I tried to warp dbgprint in another method.

Notes on Windows SCSI Miniport Driver

It contains an operation code, buffers and parameters that describe the request. How are we going to process the requests we receive? Storport is a welcome relief to storage driver writers wishing scxiport write a miniport for a virtual adapter.

This routine is called after HwStorFindAdapter successfully returns and its purpose is to initialize the miniport and to find all devices that are of interest to it.

Marvell MV91xx SATA driver – storport or miniport?

Via another driver, kernel APIs, or a user mode entity? Failures in the storage stack are not well tolerated. This value should be used only if the HBA can queue multiple requests and support auto-request sense or tagged queuing. All this really means is that we either have to use system work items, or create our own worker threads to provide the background processing and this probably implies that some queuing is involved.

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