Skip to main content You are here: This feature fulfills most or all assembly-process requirements and assures even the highest quality demands. The components are to be connected with eight screws. The control and calibration of our torque-wrenches is available as well as the supervision and documentation of the assembly quality. Handheld or stationary with a torque range from 8 Nmm 1.

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Torque Adjustment | Screwdriving Technology | Service

In certain intervals, the screwdrivers are cross-checked using torque-transducers and if deviations occur, re-adjustments can be made. After overstepping the maximum load, the forming of the screw starts and the diagram ends with the destruction of the screw.

For specially high accuracy demands, or for the obtaining of extremely small toeque values, we recommend to mount the platform with its polished dfprag surface to a table top, which has been treated in a similiar fashion.

The DEPRAG product line offers not only handheld screwdrivers for the industrial mass production, but also a wide assortment of stationary screwdrivers for automatic assembly machines.

When connected to a DEPRAG measuring instrument, this transducer is ideal for torque acquisition and documentation of all acquired results of screw joints and assembly requirements.

The screw joint analysis derives the ideal fastening method. Deprga Schmidbauer numbers and marks one of the components and takes a picture of the plastic housing, which will be integrated into the documentation for the screw-joint analysis, which will be given to the customer when the tests are completed.


Skip to main content You are here: Get Best Price Request a quote. What type of screwdriving tool best ddprag the task? Skip to main content You are here: Functional principle of the measuring instruments connected to a certain torque-transducer: Besides training of staff and the use of high quality materials, selection of the correct screwdriver for the application plays a major role to ensure reliability in the assembly process.

The software can be used on 32 and also 64 bit Windows Systems.

Deprag Torque Transducer

This is because of a relative simple technical process. Screws which are designed to form a thread during the screwdriving process are subject to a similar law. The E-torque wrenches allow the testing of screwdriver spindles without their removal from an assembly station. The actually occuring torque value can be recoreed and displayed with the measurement electronic ME From the measurement series, essential statistical valuesare calculatedsuch as the average torque value X and standard deviation S.

Year of Establishment This function will display the complete cycle procedure torquee torque over time — for a measurement series. The four external screws, which provide the connection of the front frame and the rear panel after the board has been inserted, reach the fastening torque at 1.

Call Send a quick message. They are high quality precision measurement devices which even have double the accuracy of the reliable ME and are highly recommended for tasks where measurement accuracy of 0.


Also here, torque and angle are used as the controlling values. For this option, we offer our curve-program, which is included with the standard measuring instrument. Our range of handheld electric screwdrivers offers the customer all the well-known advantages of the DEPRAG screwdriving syste You can easily process large amounts of data e.

What does a lipstick, a fridge, a light switch, and vehicle instrumentation have in common?

With the tightening delrag thread-forming and thread-cutting screws, high driving torque-values are necessary. Single measurement with displayof the currently prevailing torque value is an operating mode of the measuring instrument ME Which is the ideal torque for the screw assembly of the plastic spindle into the pistons?

Data can be output to various printers see accessories. Piezo-Electric Transducer The electric charge produced by the transducer is changed into an analogue measuring signal by a specially tuned charge amplifier. With self-drilling or self-forming screws, additional error variables occur, requiring a so-called insertion torque.

Price Low to High. Operation and sequence correspond in most cases with the already well-known measuring instrument DMEPC.

The casing, the piston, and the spindle for the lip balm.

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