Make use of the mammoth selection of new electronic toys , Get Cheap at best online store now!! Enjoy exploring the hundreds of different instruments music clips and sounds effects within Beamz songs. This sport feature a six pace video game and on its part has a lighting that blinks whenever you got the right combination. Simply unplugging and reinserting the USB cable to the laptop will restore power to the Beamz. Check that your computer is not on mute and that the volume levels are appropriate.

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Get Cheap at best online store now!! The Beamz songs are taking a long time to load. Make sure your Beamz unit is on a flat, stable, level surface and the controller arms are securely inserted into the Beamz base. Connect via USB to laptop or desktop host computer with 1. When you hold your hand in front of one of the laser beams, a musical note, phrase, or riff is triggered and played by the computer.

There is also tumult effect. For best performance, connect laptop or desktop to host computer with 1.

Beamz C4 Laser Beam Musical Instrument C4 B&H Photo Video

Beam Real Talkin Bubba. Now connect your Beamz unit to your computer and confirm that the USB cable connection to the computer and the Beamz unit is not loose.

Update Unrecognized Zip Code. Second, make sure the power button on the dashboard has not been set to off for bemz model C6, the power button is displayed in the lower left area of the screen; for the model C4, the power button is displayed in the lower right area of the 4c. If the Beamz software is open, close the application, then re-open the Beamz application and the song should be available in your master list. No Longer Available Update Location close. Reviews 0 Write a review zwbzqscewcxttsvydsccyvyvey.


A unique musical instrument with 4 lasers Fun for all ages, great for beginners and advanced musicians No AC adapter needed, gets power from the USB port Break the beam for an instant to trigger a single note, block the beam longer movel play several notes A large variety of sounds, instruments, songs, and styles Easily record your performance, playback, and share your recordings with the included software Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Disconnect your Beamz from your computer, remove the arms and then reinsert into the base. One which is tested for a particular age crew is appropriate when mpdel electronic toy. You can also experience gaming in a whole new way by building your Beamz skills with the included ShadowBeamz game.

When you are running a laptop modell battery power the laptop manages power consumption through power management settings to maximize battery cc4. Be the first to review this item. Toys cause forthwith evolved a new age definition, they are not reasonable designed to jetty and disport only they’re one and exactly the same advantageously factor of educational action and coaching methods excessively.

Beamz music encompasses all music styles and genres – rock pop jazz blues classical dance hip hop club – no ones music interest is left behind.


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What should I do? This sport feature a six pace video game and on its part has a lighting that blinks whenever you got the right combination. Go to the Microsoft web site and download. Connecting the Beamz to a USB hub modl cause latency in music playback; moreover, performance may vary with different USB hub products from different manufacturers.

You can even share your recordings with friends. Beamz Model C6 users: This laser trigger-based instrument will unleash the musician in anyone. So I suggest you to buy this. The Beamz interactive music system allows you to do things with music videos and games that you have never been able to do before! What does this mean? This unfortunately happens if a unit was handled improperly somewhere in the shipping process.

BEAMZ C4 Interactive Music Laser System Player Toy

I am using the Beamz with a laptop computer and the power for my Beamz unit is shutting down between playing songs. This may happen if the arms of the beams are not firmly connected to the base.

For best performance, connect the Beamz unit directly into a USB port on your computer.

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