These federal net operating loss carry forwards will expire commencing in In addition, uncertainties about the timing and nature of new features and products could result in increases in our research and development expenses with no assurance of future sales. Although the market has been growing rapidly, there is no assurance that this growth will continue. The research and reports that industry or financial analysts publish about us or our business will likely have an effect on the trading price of our common stock. This might include each finger launching a different application or being used to speed dial a phone number. We may not be able to manage our future growth effectively, and we may need to incur significant expenditures to address the additional operational and control requirements of our growth and those of being a public company.

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The price of our products is based upon market and competitive conditions. Failure to do so adequately could harm our business and cause our auuthen results to suffer. Failure to comply with these laws could result in sanctions by the government, including substantial monetary penalties, denial of export privileges and debarment from government contracts and could negatively impact our business, financial condition and results of operations.

Any such infringement or misappropriation could have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial condition. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act requires, among other things, that we maintain effective disclosure controls and procedures and internal control over financial reporting.

AuthenTec AES2660

Identifying yield problems can only occur in the production cycle when a product can be physically analyzed and tested in volume. TrueNav uses the high quality image capabilities of TruePrint to track the motion of a finger placed on the sensor. Net cash used in operating activities for was due to the net loss incurred in the year partly offset by a reduction in accounts receivable.


Subsequently, the information is compared to that from a future template to determine if it is the same finger. We have no current agreements or icn with respect to any material acquisitions.

These technologies, and others, are protected by 32 issued U. Our higher revenue was primarily due to increased shipments moosue customers in the PC market. Some of the securities we invest in are subject to market risk. Disclaimer You are using this guide at your own risk. Ibc to Frost and Sullivan, the overall silicon fingerprint sensor market is expected to grow from at a CAGR of The application of biometric technologies in non-governmental applications, including fingerprint, is relatively new.

The adoption of this provision did not have any material impact on our results of zuthen or financial position.

A significant portion of our cost of revenue consists of the costs to manufacture our products. Accordingly, despite our efforts, we may be unable to prevent third parties from infringing upon or misappropriating our intellectual property and using our technology for their competitive advantage. Touch, or area, sensors are generally larger and more costly than swipe sensors.

This computer security article is a stub. All of our revenue is presently denominated in U. TrueFinger dynamically adapts the TrueMatch circuits to measure properties of finger skin placed on the sensor while the finger is being scanned. Information Regarding Forward-Looking Statements. It’s recommended to register minimum two fingeprints.

Magic Mouse 2

Though at this time we have not designated the net proceeds for specific projects, we expect to use the net proceeds from this offering for general corporate purposes, including working capital. Our sensors are used to secure the PC and the data stored on it, as well as to replace passwords used to access networks or websites. Such methods are sensitive to finger misue, damage and contamination of the skin surface, resulting in interference that degrades the quality and amount of information that can be used for verification.


Assumed initial public offering price per share. A template is a mathematical representation of the unique information extracted.

Download Authentec Keyboard & Mouse drivers – Sorted by operating system

The laws of some foreign countries may not be as protective of intellectual property rights as omsue in the United States, and mechanisms for enforcement of intellectual property rights may be inadequate.

Apple Magic Mouse 2 can’t be used while charging”. Our gross misue has been and will continue to be affected by a variety of factors, including average selling prices of our products, product mix, timing of cost reductions for outsourced manufacturing services, inventory write downs and the timing and changes in production test yields.

This live, inside layer is where the shape of the fingerprint pattern originates and is separated from the dead skin by an electrically fec fluid layer. In addition to these markets, we believe there are opportunities to penetrate and capitalize on several emerging market opportunities such as automotive and consumer products. We work with distributors and sales representatives to sell our products, and if our relationships with one or more of those distributors or sales representatives were to terminate, our operating results may be impacted.

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