The Best Tech Gifts for Women. Holding it is generally comfortable, though the rounded-off edges aren’t quite as round as they look: In our grueling rundown test, which consists of looping a movie with WiFi on and the display brightness fixed at a constant level, we got exactly seven and a half hours of battery life. But our review cycle wouldn’t be complete without ASUS — after all, the company was selling its Transformer tablets before keyboard docks were even a thing. Asus covers the VivoTab Smart with a one-year warranty covering parts and labor. A better all-in-one PC twist. All told, it’s a much less cramped — less netbook-ish — experience than what you’ll get on the Iconia W

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It would seem that has less to do with the sturdiness of the dock, and more to do with the TranSleeve’s tenuous magnetic connection while we’re on the subject, you definitely want to avoid picking the tablet up by its cover.

ASUS VivoTab Smart review: a good, inexpensive Windows 8 tablet

We’ve been rather busy cranking out reviews lately, and we’ve got all the usual PC makers to thank. Like Apple’s offering, the TranSleeve attaches not through a physical latch, but through magnets, which hook onto the bottom edge of the tablet.

Acer Iconia Tab W To be clear, the buttons here are still closer together vigotab on your typical laptop keyboard, and the flimsy panel flexes under the stress of more furious typing.

We really do like the look and feel of the device. But you could use any Bluetooth device with the ME, so we’d recommend getting a Bluetooth keyboard — though you’ll need some way to stand the tablet up. So we figured if any device could rise above all the other Windows 8 tablets we’ve been testing, it would be this. The 50 Best iPad Games.


Hands down, this offers more bang for your buck than anything else you might be considering, what with its attractive design, relatively low price point and generous storage. All told, it’s a much less cramped — less netbook-ish — experience than what you’ll get on the Iconia W Be the first to review the VivoTab Smart? Like every other Atom-based tablet, the VivoTab Smart’s By way of some magnet-enhanced origami, the cover folds to serve as a tablet stand, letting you prop up the VivoTab Smart on any regular table top or flat surface.

There’s not much to it, really: Here, the only decision you have to make is whether you prefer black or white. Even then, we weren’t fans of the Smart PC’s keyboard dock, and we experienced glitches on multiple review units, too.

Asus covers the VivoTab Smart with a one-year warranty covering parts and labor. When the VivoTab Smart was first announced, there were some tech bloggers who suggested it came with a Surface-style keyboard.

As a second or third device, asys, the VivoTab Smart is an affordable option. That’s not bad for a tablet with an x86 processor inside, but we’ve also seen Atom-based slates that last longer than this. Asus Transformer Book T Chi. You smartt, the cover has indentations in the spots where you’re supposed to fold it; not unlike a paper map with crease lines.


ASUS VivoTab Smart | Tablets | ASUS Global

It might not be our favorite in every respect, but it’s a compelling product in its own right, and it’s even greater when you consider the price.

There are two types of Intel Windows 8 tablet currently — ones that run Core processors much like any Windows laptop and those that run Intel’s latest-generation Atom processor. Accessories, like cover and keyboard, not yet available. An all-new touch friendly UI with easily accessible control bars.

Vivotav, that thin TranSleeve cover snaps on in a manner similar to a Type Bluetootthbut there are no keys attached there.

The Asuw Smart is one of the only products where you won’t find a full USB port on either the tablet or the keyboard. Every and we mean every model we’ve tested has the same Intel Atom Z processor, clocked at 1.

Instead, it makes use of a rechargeable battery, which you can top off using the on-board micro-USB socket. Just make sure you don’t lose it: A better all-in-one PC twist. For network connectivity, the VivoTab Smart has Naturally, when compared with the likes of the Microsoft Surface Pro, which boasts an Adus Core processor, performance wasn’t even close 4, points.

All that said, the quality itself isn’t half-bad. More tablet and laptop reviews:

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