Net cash provided by used in operating activities. To the extent that other non-recurring warranty claims occur in the future, the reserves that we have established may not be sufficient, cost of sales may have been understated, and a charge against future costs of sales may be necessary. As the time period between the establishment of technological feasibility and general. Our profitability has been, and may continue to be, volatile, which could adversely affect the price of our stock. We believe we have the ability to access the capital markets upon commercially reasonable terms.

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As the time period between the establishment of technological feasibility and general.

We continuously review our accounts receivable in foreign currency and purchase forward contracts when appropriate. The loss of one of these customers or a significant reduction in services to one of these customers would have a material adverse effect on our business.

In the third quarter ofthe Company arrid a restructuring plan to outsource the functions of most of its manufacturing facilities.

Channel bonding of up to eight downstream channels and four upstream channels increasing data rates of over Mbps for received data and over Mbps when sending data Supports IPv4 and IPv6 to expand network addressing capabilities Enhanced security: Page 7 Ethernet connection only: Support simultaneous use of USB and Ethernet ports. Further, the cable industry has and will continue to demand a move towards open standards.

We recognize software license revenue and product revenue for certain products where software is more than an incidental component of the hardware, in accordance with Statement of Position No. Duringwe consolidated two facilities in Georgia, giving us the ability to house many of our core technology, marketing, and corporate headquarter functions in a single building.


Arris Cable Modem – TGG | Moxee Electronics Inc.

We have a non-exclusive agreement with Liberty Media International to supply our entire line of products for a three-year term expiring in April The Company continually reviews the adequacy of the valuation allowance and recognizes the benefits of deferred tax assets only as reassessment indicates that it is more likely than not that the deferred tax assets will be realized. We resell software developed by outside third parties as well as internally developed software.

Our intangibles amortization expense represents amortization of existing technology acquired as a result of the Arris Interactive L.

This, coupled with strong fourth quarter collections, resulted in a reduction in the reserve as a result of applying its reserve methodology. We expect to continue to spend similar levels on research and development in the future.

Arris CM450 User Manual

The euro and the yen are the predominant currencies of those customers who are billed in their local currency. In the supplies distribution business we compete with national distributors, like TVC Communications, Inc. In addition, we purchase software for operating network and security systems or 4450b, and a variety of routing protocols from different suppliers under standard commercial terms, including source code buy-out arrangements.

The remaining payments are expected to be made in To the Board of Directors and Stockholders.

Arris Touchstone CM450A

Below are the key line items affecting cash from operating activities in millions:. Page 38 USB card in your computer. Arri a result, to the extent that we have overestimated future usage of inventory, the value of that inventory on our financial statements may be overstated.

Accounting for Stock-Based Compensation, requires use of option valuation models that were not developed for use in valuing employee stock options.


Our Touchstone tm product line provides carrier-grade performance to enable operators to provide all data, telephony and video services on the same network using common equipment. The EPC wireless home gateway delivers data, voice and wired Ethernet or wireless gateway capabilities to connect a variety of devices in the home or small office and support high-speed data access and VoIP services, all in one device. We are committed to providing superior levels of customer service by incorporating innovative customer-centric strategies and processes supported by business systems designed to deliver differentiating product support and value-added services.

Technological innovations and speed to market are additional competitive factors.

Cable Modem Troubleshooting: Arris/Touchstone CM

arrris Click the Finish button. A key factor supporting the growth of broadband systems is the powerful growth of the Internet. Each of the key new revenue-generating services high-speed data, telephony and digital video was originally made available to the MSOs by various companies using proprietary products; however, next generation products are being developed and deployed in compliance with open standards established by the cable industry:.

The majority of our sales are to cable system operators worldwide. This is a proven carrier-class telephony solution that enables operators to directly compete with incumbent telephone carriers with voice services and class-features, which include raris ID, call-waiting and three-party conferencing.

An audit includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. The headend is a central point in the cable system where signals are received via satellite and other arrjs.

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