Are you too lazy, or what? I have tried installing q2aud02us13 and q2aud03us13 which are susposed to be the Soundmax program. Contact Us name Please enter your name. Back to the board. The financial side though is I feel a different point but I would suggest contact him politely first and see what he says. Or is there an old driver. Software to integrate existing Not only is this software designed to provide access to SoundMAX drivers.

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Soundmax driver for integrated sound card. It is your code and you sent a lot of time on it.

DOS ain’t dead

I know that I have absolutely no recourse for him “stealing” my work or violating any sondmax i wouldn’t even pursue it if I did have any rights to claim. I finally found and configured a bootable thumbdrive.

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Soundmax Dos drivers

So be aware it may just be a mistake in terms of him not calling out your name. I don’t particularly care. DOSferatu minneapolis, mn usa, By Email So you are the same person as “jeffleyda”? Maybe the “bounty” system a la some other third-party OSes is what needs to be done a lot more, even for DOS: Audio drivers; Results 1 – 30 of about Nobody’s that rich to pay for every little breath, drink, bite, shelter, etc. I didn’t license any of my source-it’s truly open and freeware; do with it what you wish.


Drivers and Hardware-related Tools: I am assuming that I won’t supply all the info you’ll need, but I’ll try and be as proactive as possible.

Ironically, DOS is often called “dead and crap and useless”, yet people id, Sonudmax still sell and make money off it and MS will still whine “in ! I have tried installing q2aud02us13 and q2aud03us13 which are susposed to be the Soundmax program.

So I’ve recycled this account now. Then show us yourself the professional way, the documentation for AC97 is freely available, there is enough DOS source code on-line and it seems you have a lot of spare time. Richard on Monday, February 16, Thank you very much. For help on using the information on this page, Finding Drivers for Your System It will not help to existing programs requiring SoundBlaster. I understand how weird it feels, and yes definitely we should have more open drivers!

That’s a very cynical view. Takes a complex problem and makes it look easy.


Analog Devices AD (soundmax) Free Driver Download for DOS () –

I’m pretty sure you won’t get sources without paying for them. I downloaded the latest drivers of Windows updates for my sound chip and it installed a sound effect Q3: You can talk yourself out of anything with reasoning like that.

Somehow Soundmax was deleted on my M It was a single solution for a single piece of hardware that I needed it to work on, then decided that I’d give it to the rest of the world because there was ZERO AC97 stuff out there at the time, and I spent lots of hours figuring it out. The story is short: I do have an updated version of it that supports a half dozen more ICH chips, but haven’t soundax that one online. What will costs George’s source license?

For me something similar would have been the cleanest approach for accessing sound cards in DOS.

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